18 August 2017


For no reason at all I thought I would share my love of color with you today.

These dishes were my mothers. She bought them at Dansk at great expense many, many years ago. I now have them and I was just putting them away after having a friend over for dinner last night. I happened to be glancing in the direction of a skein of Alpaca I bought recently for a cowl for winter and thought how lovely it would look on the plates.

Good enough to eat

The new island in place

I also wanted to show you how I accommodated my giant print table in the kitchen with the pieces of my island. I have a cabinet, a stand and a padded stool. They fit neatly between the horses with the table on top.

The table doesn't touch the tops of the island.

My helpers


  1. Love the dishes, and the yarn! And your island came out beautifully! Love that you don't have to move it much to use your print table... clever girl!

  2. Love your refinished / repurposed island. You're definitely one smart cookie. How do you manage keeping your floors so clean and stain free? I now cover mine with flattened cardboard ... once had an "interesting" spill with some procion mx. If you work really fast it won't stain ...

    1. For some reason nothing sticks to these floors. I spill dye on them all the time and it just comes right off. I did get a few spots of white paint but I can just scratch it off with my fingernail. Guess I am just lucky.

  3. The island looks fantastic. I'm ready to eat the wool for breakfast!

    1. Oh, I SO get that. I think that is why I have so much yarn (smile).


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