30 August 2017

Preparing for the Sunday workshop

Of course that Sunday workshop is Sunday September 17th but why wait to the last minute. One of the items I am making in advance is an 18" square of dyed cotton with graphics that can be the basis we "practice" using thickened dyes upon. I made this pillow out of a square I had played with.

Above are my circles and squares thermofax screens and below are my beans and rice stamps. Rice is at the top and beans on the bottom. I used acrylic medium to adhere rice and then beans to two pieces of mat board then inked them for stamping.

I first attempted to dye enough fabric for 15 eighteen inch squares. I wanted a muted beige to knock back the white but my first attempt (orange and blue = brown) ended up looking pink. The second attempt I tried a faint olive to hopefully make the pink more brown. I ended up with faint olive with splotches of pink. I cried uncle. This will ultimately be covered in vivid thickened dyes.

In a few hours when totally dry, I will iron (heat set) the acrylic paint and cut them into 15 squares. This should be fun to play with and even if "we" don't think it looks like much our friends and family will be astounded (smile). These will make great pillows for gifts.


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