16 August 2017

My final answer (I think??)

Here are the last two I am working on before the Maine Event in September. I will be doing some projects in preparation for the event and I will share those with you. Maybe next year you will come to Paradise (Searsport, Maine) and take advantage of 3 days of workshops on the beautiful coast of Maine with me and some amazing women.

The consensus was that this one was to have the foreground in a vertical position

This is one foreground no one has seen so far. I just like the colors and the look in general. What do you think and why?

Looking at it again I think the horizon looks "skimpy" Maybe some more grass and wheat instead of that band of purple with nothing on it. More thinking required for this one.


  1. I understand that there are two works, right? I like the colors and the prints. What dimensions do they have? My opinion is that it looks good.
    Eventually, you can try to see how it would look if the bottom would be smaller.

  2. I think you should try an additional horizontal band in the second piece. That might (or might not) be an improvement. At the minute, I think the colored dots of the foreground are grabbing too much attention. So something to create more balance with the horizon could be good.

  3. I love the dot piece, so playful, whimsical. Perhaps shorten the bottom to have it more proportional? But not by much...

    1. I think shorten the dots and add an addition band at the top.


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