14 August 2017

No (Wo)man is an island

I have never wanted an island in my kitchen because I like the ability to set up my print table which is 4 X 8. It is so huge Judith and I can barely move around it. While working on the landscape series I set up one of my folding tables which is 30" X 66". I could move around in the kitchen, fold laundry on it, have it be a "stopping off spot" while preparing food and it wasn't in my way - much. I thought if I had an island 2' X 4 ' that would be perfect.

I started doing an internet search and found one a woman had made and the wood only cost her $31. I went to the lumber yard and got a quote. It was over $120. Now I was MAD. 

I am preparing for the Maine Event and was working in the Art Greenhouse when I spotted this old bottom of an IKEA hutch from so long ago, I can't even remember what house I had it in. Portland??

Any way it was kind of small ( 19' X 36" ) but the top look great and it had drawers. THEN I remembered I had an old stand I used in so many places throughout my life and I still hadn't painted the bottom. I do have another just like it that I had painted and I am using it next to my sewing machine. Any how...

I brought in both pieces and primed and painted the small stand. Next I sanded the tops with a 40 year old Makita random orbital sander when suddenly chucks of the pad started flying off. The rubber pad that holds the sandpaper had rotted over the years. I just kept going (after taking it outside) and it looked OK. Then I used some Minwax stain. You see, this is where I made a wrong turn. You can't poly it with water based poly over an oil stain. Needless to say the tops are a MESS, the sander is pretty much dead and a new Makita sander is $69. and a new pad is $49. I switched my search to just plain random orbital sanders and found a Black & Decker for $24. with almost all 5 starts (670 owner feedback). Now I am waiting til Wednesday when that bad boy gets here. Expect an amazing "island" like creation 19" X 48".


  1. That's the kind of solution I like! Find something hanging around in a corner, and put it to use! You are far more handy with tools than I am, but I'm there with ya in spirit. Can't wait to see you put it to use!

  2. What a woman! I'm so impressed with your go for it approach with the power tools. I'd think such a project to death and never get started. You rock.

    1. Thanks. Desperation ( and thriftiness) is such a good motivator

  3. You go girl!!!! Sometimes the pieces just fall into place. Can't wait to see it in action.

  4. Love the industriousness, the innovativeness (if that be a word), and the persistance! True creativity!


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