21 July 2017

Two more in the landscape series

I am still working on this series but not posting. I want to use this foreground but the pink was not working.

I decided to spray some soda ash water onto the pink dots. Then I mixed up some thickened dye with intense blue and a touch of red to make a purple

I used a paint brush to apply.

It may look OK in this picture but WAY too much pink still showed through 

Next I am applying soda ash with a round pouncy sponge and letting it dry for another try tomorrow


  1. Could the soda ash be mixed into the thickened dye instead (assume dye used before exhausted)??

    1. Sorry. Just read this. YES, you can add the soda ash powder to the thickened dyes as well. The spray is more cost effective and works just as well as long as you ALSO spray the back of the fabric. Attacked from both sides.


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