10 July 2017

Free motion stitching the rocks in the arch

Ask me how many mistakes I made because I either rushed or was too lazy and short sighted to "practice" on a scarp before touching the finished piece? Too many to count!! 

Here I am with a quilt sandwich scrap. I want to see how the Solver feels under the free motion presser foot and how the stitches are going down. I like!

Starting in the center I am working my way around the arch.

As you can see the Solvey isn't perfectly in place. It is stretchy and a bit hard to handle over this big a spread - 24". However the charcoal marks do give me a good idea where to go and are a good guide.

Stitches completed (I thought)

Close-up of Solvey and stitches

Here is the piece with the Solvey trimmed away. It is very gooey so the less on the fabric the better.

This is the piece in a lukewarm spa bath while the Solver goes wherever Solvey goes. This was followed five minutes later with a rinse and gentle squeeze. I hung it in the Art Greenhouse to dry.

This is the Art Greenhouse where I hold workshops.


  1. Great! But you make us look forward to the final result ...
    I can not wait to see!

    1. It came out great!! Wednesday, you will see it too. It was already given as a birthday present .

  2. Thanks for the demo! The Art Greenhouse just makes me smile! It is a gem! (And so are you!)

    1. Thanks Deborah. I really like step by step pictures.

  3. How big is your green house? Would love to see how you have it set up inside.


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