24 July 2017

Next day

The fabric is dry and I used the same pouncey sponge to apply the same color thickened dye AFTER adding some mixing blue. Hopefully this will mask all the pink. **Note to self: No more pink or turquoise dots.

Ready to hang in the line to dry (yes, the thickened dye must dry)

More like it (on my ugly ironing table)

Laid out on the bed. Yes, I like to way the colors blend better

A mock up on the floor. This horizon was done on white cotton so it is bright.

But wait. I have another horizon in linen. It looks muted because both the horizon and foreground were done on beige linen. Hum?????  Which to pick??????

I'm listening (hand cupping ear). Please comment and tell me WHY as well.


  1. I like the second example, the one on linen, because the horizon greens go together better, in my opinion. Hope you can hear me (grin)!

  2. I seem to see a similar color in the linen horizon that I think is a pleasing "echo" of the foreground. Some might say it's too "matchy" but I like the look.

  3. The second one because it feels calmer.

    1. I agree with you all and I will start assembly today. I get the "calmer" thing.


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