19 July 2017

Earth, Wind and Fire

MANY years ago I made this piece called Earth, Wind and Fire. No one liked it (like I cared) and this past week, I removed the binding and framed it. I decided I will hang it here where I can see it and enjoy all the work I put into it and the wonderful textures created. There are so many techniques used and I love the combination.

**Remember you can click twice on each image to magnify.

16 " X  25"

First I removed the binding

The original label

The Wind
The backgound for the entire piece was actually the very first deconstructed silk screen I ever made. I remember Judith being there and how excited we were to learn this technique. The wind was blue dyed gauze with white gauze wisps stitched in place with cotton thread stitched in curvy wind gusts

The Fire (Sun)
This was yellow dyed gauze covered with an piece of monoprinted organza then stitched with sun rays and with a horizon line of green gauze couched in place. Notice the changing thread colors in the rays.

Detail of the sun

The Earth
Was made by couching Sari Yarn in changing colors of stitch. This is one of my favorite elements and I have used this method of varying stitch color many times.

I framed it with clear #1 pine and it will soon grace my studio wall.



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