07 July 2017


I was challenged by a commission to make an 18 X 24 size quilt of an arch. I went through some photos of arches and liked this one the best.

I printed it as a poster on my printer, trimmed the edges and taped it together to make a pattern.

I covered the photo with a sheet of Solvy and used charcoal to outline the stones. I will use this as a sewing (quilting) line. Although Solvy is water-soluble it is surprisingly robust. I actually pinned it to the stitched quilt.

 I used an X-acto knife to cut out the arch.

I applied Misty Fuse to the back of the golden brown fabric I used for the arch. It was slightly tacky so the paper "pattern" lightly stuck to the fused fabric

Cutting out the arch

Recognized these from the "landscape" series?

Arch fused on to the background

Solvy pinned in place.

As soon as my company leaves I will finsh the "quilting" of the stones and the over-all quilting of the background and then I will wash out the solvy, iron and use water soluble colored pencils for shading and details


  1. Wonderful way to work. What a clever idea to do the backgrounds and then add the element.
    Must admit I find coming to the blog inspiring.

  2. Loving it!!

  3. Ooh, nice! I use solvy for a few things, but this is a new one... will have to keep it in mind, and I can't wait to see your final result! Clever girl...

  4. Love the arch. Works well with your landscape fabric.

    1. This was a commission so wasn't it nice that the backgrounds just happen to work so well!!

  5. Very intelligent! I like it...

  6. So fascinating, the challenge, the process, the arch! I love how you dive right in to meet challenges...Art and life lessons.


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