05 June 2017

The last crow

I think these were 16" X 19". They live in a home together in Belfast, Maine

Both were sold years ago.

 This last one is 23" X 24"

I am using colored water soluble pencils, charcoal and base extender to "wet" the fugitive media and make it permanent. Fugitive media is non-permanent media like colored pencils and charcoal.

See how faint the colored pencil looks until the base extender is painted on top (bottom center to left feather tips)

You can really see the light and dry spot dead center

Glob of base extender which will dry clear and matte.


  1. I like a lot. It is a sewn painting, or a painted stitches !!
    I never tried chalk or watercolor pencils on textiles.

    1. It is a thread sketch that was colored in.

  2. Gorgeous! You sure are good with crows & ravens!

  3. They are gorgeous....absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Replies
    1. me too. I do miss the ones that were sold though!


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