21 June 2017

Foregrounds washed, ironed and finished (almost)

These first two were not re-dyed after this wash-out.

This came out a very light intensity. Needs more work.

This is possibly the ugliest fabric I ever made. Each layer added more "ugliness" to it. Ironically I am cutting off the left strip to actually use.

These were the pieces I put big wax dots on to hold the color off so that I could add a different color after washing. Here they are in their last two stages: 

This first one was quite a light green, almost limey. I later added "bubble gum" dots then over dyed the entire piece in a medium olive bath. to knock down that light green.

This piece gave me one of the best outcomes in that I used both dark green and olive together to get that vari-color. I will use this technique again.

The dots didn't add much but, oh well.

                               I am actually using this (above) foreground in my first finished "horizon"

This was a really wide piece so I did half purple and turquoise and the other purple and pink. I may use the turquoise half. I don't think I will repeat the "DOT" experiment again...


  1. I'm impressed by your work absolutely huge. You did beautiful things !!

    1. Thanks Carmina. I am really loving this series.

  2. I can see I need to convince you to try making the coiled fabric bowls with strips of your unloved fabrics! And what is wrong with the pink/purple part of the dotted fabric? I love 'em!

  3. I confess I'm not a "dot" person, but I really like the one you call 'the ugliest'!

    1. Thanks Margaret. I like the dots but the uglies was the green mess under the dots!! Ugly? Agreed!!

  4. ~I like the one you call the ugliest. It will make beautiful bookpages.


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