09 June 2017

finished (somewhat) foregrounds

This is boring and needs something. I am thinking about Discharge paste in a pattern. Too grid-like.

This is not only boring but a bit overwhelming

I might be able to work with this

This one I like

This looks like camouflage plus the light green is too yellow. MOST of the light green in these pieces is too yellow. More thinking and more layers needed. 


  1. Sometimes just an overall dunk into a weak black dye will give those yellow greens an olive cast or tangerine often gives unexpectedly good results. I know you plan on working into them more, but if the original color doesn't work for you.......hey, we dye! We can change it!

  2. Um...perhaps some of your more boring 'foregrounds' could become 'backgrounds' instead? Or sliced up? The second one (labelled 'boring and a bit overwhelming') could be sliced into a series of furrowed ground for fields. Sorry, but I'm viewing these from the rolling prairie of Central Alberta, so that's what I'm seeing...Even the grid-like one could be used that way... :-)


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