12 June 2017

Resolving the foregrounds (attempting)

I think I am happy with two of the foregrounds at least for now. I want to make five pieces all at once so I had to calm down and determine to just work on finishing one while resolving issues with the other foregrounds. 
One of the worst offenders was the dark striped fabric that was "supposed" to look like rows of whatever growing in a field and was to be used vertically. Well that wasn't going to happen. The light was way too light and the dark looked like death. What to do?? Dream. Yes, while dreaming I came up with two answers to problems. This was the first:

I used the thermofax screen of "grass" and Jacquard Discharge paste. This was my set up on my ugly ironing board with the discharge paste on a piece of scrap  Plexiglas using a credit card.

In case you were wondering why I covered my ironing table with such ugly fabric, that's why. It was ugly and useless. I concentrated on the two dark bands of color: olive and dark green.

I absolutely LOVE this effect.

Now on to the rope stamped fabric I waxed (batiked) in straight lines

I used the "grass" again with discharge paste

Better but another layer is needed. I need something to break up the grid-like appearance. Maybe "wheat" and/or "grass" in olive thickened dye (????) More contemplation needed. I am telling myself Don't Rush!! 


  1. The thermofax screen of "grass" and Jacquard Discharge paste works wonderful.

    1. Thanks Joke. I agree. The discharge paste really came out nicely.

  2. You're such a smartie! I love how you problem solve, using the various surface design techniques. Great to have solutions, isn't it?

  3. Oh la la! Love how you share the steps and thoughts...

  4. I learn so much from you.


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