19 June 2017

More foregrounds

Another wonderful day of play with thickened dye. I made some preliminary sketches and notes yesterday when I had a few minutes and I was anxious to get started. I did "all these things" before starting thinking after "all that" it was about 8:30. It was 6:35. I stopped at 10:40 to go out to lunch with Brian and this is what I made in those hours.

Sketchbook notes and watercolor sketches from yesterday

First go at a solid immersion dyed background. The dots were waxed to keep the color of the background off the dots and tomorrow I will dye the dots pink or purple.

Dried on the line - not even rung out. I will use boiling water to remove the wax, wash, iron and add the pink or purple dye.

These dots will also be colored. I will determine color after holding it up to various horizons to see which colors the foreground may enhance. 

A new kinder gentler olive. Hope it holds up.

This is is STILL so busy that I think it is beyond help. After washing and drying I will hold it up to some of the horizons.

Inside while wet.

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