07 June 2017

Horizons need foregrounds

I made these "foregrounds or field a while ago when I first started the landscape series. Wow, that WAS a long time ago!!. They did come out as intended but way to light. This was my problems with my first attempts at horizons. 

Rope stamp above and batik striped fabric below.

Maybe a blender filled with Margarita's sets your heart to pitter patter but I prefer a blender of thick print paste!!

I mixed up three greens. With my olive I was a bit to generous when adding the dye powder. It is very dark. I also made a batch of "dark green" (name of dye) and I also made my own green with sun yellow and basic blue then tapped in just a whiff of "dark green" dye to intensify the color a bit.

I returned to my Plexiglas palette and huge sea sponge.

I did three rows with a gradation of the three greens.

This was the start of "bushes" in two colors on the striped green batik.

I used a tool invented by my friend Marcella's brother, Mark, who is also an artist. Thanks Mark for a great tool. He calls it a chrysanthemum and I have used it before on the blog when making paste paper. 

Filled fabric in three shades of green. I used the tool as a stamp.

This fabric was my wonderful rope stamped batik with stripes of hot wax colored in dark green and olive dye.

Striped batik with wavy lines of hot wax colored in three shades of green

I made one more panel on the rope stamp fabric and used the chrysanthemum tool with a twist. However I forgot to photograph it. You'll see it finished in the next post.

It's raining buckets so I've strung up a line in the Art Greenhouse.

That last piece with the tool twist in three colors of green

My temporary drying line. Yes, I dry all my dyes on the line then wash out when completely dry. There is no bleeding. Batiks get the boiling water and Ivory dish soap treatment (disperses wax but doesn't dissolve it)  then directly in the washing machine.


  1. Love the texture from the chrysanthemum tool but I can't figure out what it's made from. Rolled and clipped foam sheets, perhaps?

  2. Gorgeous transformation.


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