22 April 2016

My cement mixer

I am working on this "auction" quilt and I decided to back it with dyed fabric instead of plain white (boring). I washed 5 yards in the washer then dumped it in my cement mixer - the BEST piece of kit for dyeing large quantities of fabric or wetting paper for paste paper or dipping paper before printing or soaking silk screens. I am guessing it is 2 X 3. This is the fabric for the quilt backing.

The best part is that YOU TOO can have a cement mixer for about $6. from Home Depot. They are right next to the Sakrete mix. Look up; they are usually on the shelf above.


  1. I was eyeing those the other day, but with marbling in mind. Sadly, they are not long enough for marbling scarves, but a great idea for fabric dyeing.

  2. Whoa! I thought NOW what are you doing and had visions of asking hubby to clean out that yukky machine he has!!! Very cool! I am all over finding alternative art supply stores! "Of course I'll go to the hardware store with you, dearie." !!! :)

  3. What a great idea.


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