27 April 2016

Trip to DC

This past week I went on a trip to DC paid for by my brother, Eric. You all remember ERIC!!. For a couple of years I wanted to go back to DC where I grew up and spend a few days in the galleries and museum and doing some watercolor sketches. This was the dream trip I always wished I could do. I was there for 7 days and visited with my high school girlfriend, daughter, and had brunch with my cousins and even visited the cemeteries.

China Town

SAAM Smithsonian American Art Museum formerly known as the National Portrait Gallery.

Sean Skully

Quilter from Brooklyn.

Love this quote

Coyote with Turtle

An amazing Remington

Dinner at a Thai place. This was rolls of fabric.

The Hirshorn

An assemblage of flint. They looked like bones.

The artist was there actually painting this on the walls while I was there.

Robert Irwin: fascinating exhibit and probably my fave.

The power of print as graphics

Pilgrimage to IKEA. A must on every trip.


  1. Wow... amazing art! Looks like you had good weather too!

  2. OMG!!!!!!! So, so ~ sew, sew ~ exciting!!!! What a time you had, I'm happy for you!!! Brings back great memories of the wonderful wonerful art galleries/museums of our captitol city and home city!!! Thank you!!!

  3. What interesting museum! I'm glad you had some wonderful days with friends and saw things so wonderful...

    1. Thanks Carmina. It was a dream come true trip. I was raised in DC and moved to Maine in 1979 so this buildings were my playground as a child and young adult. I left when I was 30. I love these art museum. I also had many chances to paint. I think I did 5 painting outside. I won't even mention the fabulous restaurants my brother treated me to.

  4. Wonderful art. I enjoyed looking at them all. Thanks for such a great inside-seat to all these museums. I'm happy for you that you got to take the trip of a lifetime.

  5. I'd loved to have explored the museum with you. The quote is definitely a keeper.


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