01 April 2016

Crazy quilt - am I crazy?

One of my dear friends took a quilting workshop when she lived in New York. She made 12 crazy quilt squares about 14-16" square. They are highly embellished and you can see right away a lot of work went into them.  I told her over the phone to just stitch them together in a grid. The problems? None of them are the same size and none are square. They are also so busy that a solid lattice and border are really needed to rest your eye. 

So now I have taken the gauntlet and will look for border fabric, have a template cut and stitch the puppy together.

Yes, those are gold metal coins.


  1. A very good idea, I am convinced that you will do something very cute...

  2. Great challeng,,whichn I'm sure, will have a happy ending.

  3. The right sashing will be wonderful! :)

  4. You`re definitely up for the challenge.

  5. This is right up your alley! Off the Grid :o)


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