06 April 2016

A new quilt or Like I'm not busy enough

I don't know how many of you remember Rosalita. She has seriously curtailed her fabric work and sold literally thousands of yards of fabric. One thing she emailed me about was 550+ four inch squares of batik. I emailed back that I'd take them. Well. they were the ugliest batiks I ever saw.

They have been in a plastic bin for about a year now taking up room. One day I pulled them down, like I'm not busy enough, and looked through them. There could be any number of "same" fabrics from 1 to 20. I laid them out in piles of 12 thinking 3 feet. Well there were too many piles so I consolidated them into piles of 24 - 2 wide and 3 feet long. 

Unironed strip

24 three foot strips double wide or in other words a six foot square

I don't want it so I thought a quilt as you go Queen size quilt to donate for a charity auction.. Stay tuned.

These are the plans for the top half. It will be two large panels on the top and 2 large panels on the bottom.

I dyed 2.5 yards of the medium value blue for sashing and border

Ine of the four sections sewn together. I will proceed like a QAYG.


  1. Oh wow Beth, you've been super-busy recently.

  2. I like what you did, look great!

  3. It's going to turn out great! What a nice idea, to donate it for a charity auction. You Rock!

  4. I love that you're donating to charity. Someone will love this quilt, forever.

  5. Amazing how you turned it into something pretty!


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