04 April 2016

Janine's suggestion/challenge

When Janine came over and we made prints, I did these VERY bright ones.

She saw these off prints I made removing paint from the Gelli and said I should try to laminate the tissue paper prints over the gelli prints. 

Here I am with tissue on the left and gelli print on the right. Now all I have to do is trim to fit, paint the face of the gelli print with matte medium and laminate the layers together.

They kind of came out OK. I also painted a layer of matte medium over the top tissue layer. I got some interesting wrinkles in the tissue but it kind of added some texture. Anything would have helped the gelli prints (smile).


  1. Interesting! The "tissue" almost looks as heavy as tracing paper. I really like the bright prints... not sure I would have wanted to mute them as much, but it's always worth experimenting to see if you like a technique, right?

  2. It;s such a process of exploration!

  3. Beth, I love your ability and desire to continuously experiment. Lots of people don't have the patience to explore. 😀

  4. You always inspire me to try something new.


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