06 November 2015

Maybe not art

I have a book called shapes in nature. It is an art book. One of the shapes in nature is a spiral so I am sneaking these photos in under the large umbrella of shapes in nature. Actually I just think this was so cool. I have never seen brussel sprouts on the "hoof" before.

Look at that spiral. How cool is that. I knew they grew on a stalk but that stalk is over 2" in diameter.


Ready to eat (more than once!)

and a lovely gifts from a friend!


  1. I believe most of our inspiration in art, stems from nature. I'd never seen them on the stalk, either.

  2. Ooh, yeah! It's one of the things I love about Farmer's Markets and going to the Common Ground Fair! Fascinating AND healthy!

  3. i love brussel sprouts , jammie !!!!!!!!!!!!


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