16 November 2015

DMTV Art Journal

The hardest part so far in starting my DMTV art journal was coming up with a name. Laura and Linda Kemshall started theirs September first. I was still hunting for my mojo back then. It took me long enough to make a dedicated book for the three month project but finally......Now I had to come up with a NAME for my journal, Since it was almost November (when I started) I decided to call it Falling into Winter.

I had this cloth sitting on my table so I thought I would glue it in.

This is a thermofax screen I made from a photo of one of my feathers. I probably have over a hundred crow feathers but I still have the original 3 that I use so often. I got the feather off of my monitor where some of them live and sketched it directly in permanent ink.

Then I did a watercolor wash over it. Nice?


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