10 November 2015

Laura Kemshall's art journal challenge

I have been a member of DMTV (Design Matter T V) almost from from the first show. Laura and Linda are making art journals to capture events from this fall. They started in September during my dry spell and I have just made a sketchbook for this challenge. OK, so I'm a bit late

I made this paste paper with Marcella a few years ago. I used water soluble crayons to scribble on the wet paste paper. The wet paste paper caused the crayons to melt. Yummy lines!

It's hard to see in that artificial light but the scribbles are a multitude of colors. Guess my art journal will be called Winter


  1. oooh! gorgeous book. I have heard lots of good things about this show.

  2. Being the proud owner of one of your journals, I can say....as always....your work is exquisite.


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