10 December 2014

The big clean up

I started to make this cute "tin" book and while folding the signatures I noticed black smootch on the paper. I knew it was time to clean my cutting mats. I think I've mentioned before my fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants approach to my work and my laziness around protecting my table tops and clothes. The apron from a few weeks ago is a good start but I needed to scrub the cutting mat vigorously. Alas, it was in such bad shape, I decided to peek on the other side and see what was there. ALL CLEAN and new looking. So I flipped both cutting mats and could start fresh. I covered the cutting mat with an 18 X 24" piece of paper and started to print the solstice cards. Within minutes I had speckles of paint outside the bounds of the paper. I finished the cards and scrubbed the mat (and table).

The work table before the cards - all new looking

After scrubbing the speckles to no avail.

Sometimes I just can't win for losing. Well, it's mostly clean. I need a new plan for the next project.

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  1. I tried one side for dry work and one side for wet work but in the throws of passion... LOL


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