17 December 2014

More playing with paint

So I thought if oil pastels look so good I wonder what water soluble crayons and color briques would do.

Cretacolor Briques

Applied with a texture plate

Sprayed - messy looking.

Pink and purple are oil pastels and the red circles are water soluble.

I used a wet paint brush

When I went to Malta to visit my son and his family, my daughter-in-law asked me if I knew Karen Dash. I said no then she gave me a box of colored pencils and the name on them was Caran D'Ache. Use those pencils to colored me embarrassed!!

I've had these water soluble crayons (below) for a few years. Too embarrassing!!

Dry above and lightly sprayed below. Much more vibrant below.

ProChem decorator colors are dead cheap and are liquid acrylic paints like Seta Silk or Dye-Na-Flo. I think they are $7.98.

Scribbling with Decorator colors

Lightly sprayed

Can we all say Rorschach?

Next post I will take a few more close-up and have the "Tin" book finished.


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