01 December 2014

Acid dyeing with Grace

My neighbor Grace came over and since she really isn't a surface designer I thought we might make a few silk scarves with acid dye in the microwave oven.

We started by wetting or dry crepe de chine scarves (14" X 72") in a vinegar/water bath. I make mine strong 4 water to 1 vinegar. We squeezed the solution out, opened the scarves and arranged them in a pyrex dish I use for acid dyeing. The scarves were a bit rumpled up and arranged in the dish then we squirted acid dye on them. 

I covered the dish in cling wrap, punched about a dozen holes it the wrap and micowaved on 50% power for 5 minutes. You know your dyeing is successful when no dye rinses out of the fabric.

This is mine after 3 dyes. I couldn't knock down the yellow but next time I will mix green in a separate bottle instead of trying to mix it on the scarf.

This is Grace's turquoise, blue and red.

This is Graces blue and purple. You can definitely see the purple when you hold it up.

That crepe de chine is simply luscious!

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  1. I just got a couple of crepe de chine scarves... haven't dyed crepe de chine for ages, but love the drape. I like your pyrex dish idea... usually, I just stick mine in large zip lock baggies, but the dish would let me have more control over the scrunch... have to check out the local thrift shop for used ones!


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