24 December 2014

Fun to make

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Do you have a friend who you just can't think of a thing to give. I have two folks that fit that description. One is my good friend and muse, Judith's daughter. Ellen is SUCH a lovely and giving person and I just can't think of a thing to give her just to let her know how special she is to me - that is until I came along this idea (not mine).

It is an embroidered and bejeweled cushion. It's not for relaxing on but to hang or place of a dresser. My ulterior motive was to have a small and fun project that I could do at night while watching TV instead of putting popcorn in my mouth! 

This is the cushion I made for Ellen.

Here it is with fabrics on the points awaiting bejewelment!!

My pathetic attempt to create a beaded blanket stitch boarder.

I just love this and I bet Ellen will too!!


  1. What a lovely piece! And your ulterior motive (not eating) is a good one... I know, that's why I crochet or knit when there isn't a cat on my lap!

  2. I love it a million times!! Milles fois!!! So much better than popcorn, yes?

  3. Very colourful! All the best to you and yours!


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