15 December 2014

Second thoughts

When I woke up I thought maybe stitch the signatures to a cover of soft felt and leave it unattached near the hinge. It would still be hard to use as a sketchbook and that's when I came up with this great idea. Why not fill the pages with something and then have it as a tin book of art work. 

This turned into a "What if" day of trying many techniques for coloring these pages. There were so many I will do half today and half next post.

One of my favorite effects is the way watercolors shed off oil pastels so I used these texture plates (idea I got from Beata's post on the FIRE blog).

These are very inexpensive texture plates for children I bought from Dick Blick years ago.

Yes, I am actually painting on a new book!

Then I tried Dye-Na-Flo paints and splashed it on wet paper like acrylic inks.

Finally stopped painting on a new book (lazy) and put down a piece of lexan which I could wipe with a sponge.

Don't get too excited. The salt did nothing!!


  1. I love the effect of watercolourpaint on oil pastels very much, too!
    If you paint with left over Procion on paper and add salt you get lovely texture!

  2. Beautiful pages with the watercolors and oil pastels and the texture plates!

  3. They look a bit like fabric painting! I love your What If Day...


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