03 December 2014

I'll try to only do this once

 I'm sorry but I just can't contain myself. This is our new dog, Owen. He is a rescue from Louisiana and he is perfect: cute, smart, well behaved, and fun PLUS he at 18 months gets along great with my 10.5 year old Poodle, Niamh.

I was trying to make a fitted fleece "sheet" for his upstairs dog bed and when I put the bed on the fabric he perched!

"I don't want to get out of bed"

He actually sleeps like that even under the blankets!

He and Niamh waiting at the window in Brian's room



  1. He is adorable! And it's great that he gets along with your other dog... that really helps.

  2. He looks like he's still part puppy. How much fun to have a new one. Pictures of animals are always on topic.

  3. Well, I just keep falling more & more in LOVE!!!

  4. Oh, please don't keep Owen under wraps - pup photos are fun to share. He is a cutie and looks like a fun companion. They often help with projects. At the very least their hair sometimes becomes a part of the finished product ... :)



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