19 December 2014

Finishing the "tin" book

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I have 12 sheets that make up my book and they are painted on both sides. Stitched into signatures, that is 48 pages.

These are the first six sheets front and back

Detail of the oil pastel resist

These are the second 6 sheets

Do I sew it as one large signature or 3 four page signatures? I think all together will be too bulky. It turned out three signatures was just perfect.

I stitched the signatures with colored thread that would match the center fold.

I used pegs to hold the signature in place while I sewed. 

I knotted on the spine since the mounting will hide all.

Stitched in place to card stock.

The thread is almost invisible.

I ended up folding just the card stock cover over the hinge.

Contact cement on both the book and tin.

You can see how the folded paper bent nicely over the hinge.

Done and done!

Now I'm thinking of ways to decorate the tin front. Any ideas out there????


  1. This is such a cool project. Makes me want to think about learning how to put book signatures together! I would do very little to the tin, so that the original cover shows through. Maybe mostly on that lower right corner area, but not much else. Perhaps a lightly painted over stencil or a bit of translucent spray. Great project!

  2. It's so wildly creative, yeee haw! You go, Girl!! In the new year, I'm going to make me a color book too, so inspiring you are!

  3. How about tall thin text: TIN BOOK # 1 for the cover? I love art books!

  4. Such a lovely colourful book. How about using alcohol inks for the front of the tin and attaching something textured?


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