17 February 2014

What a day

Today was the day to stop all procrastination and get at least one strip joined to another. After realizing that I had enough purple and green fabric to join any way I wanted. I did a dry run on scrap fabric.

This was a small sandwich on which I tested stitches. I cut it in half so I would have two straight cuts to butt.

Joining strips 1" and 2.5"

This is where I really made lots of extra work for myself sewing only the backing fabric. Did I bother to read MY tutorial on QAYG joing? No!

I know this looks sloppy and it is but I was just checking out the process of butting with no additional width of either fabric or batting.

The upshot of this was a huge amount of frustration. I had even washed and dried 6 1/4 yards of fabric to use on the backing side  to conserve the dyed fabric for the front.

After I actually read the tutorial, I saw how much extra work I had made. 

A printed copy of the tutorial

I also measured the distance  from each circle side to side and then placed the strips (butted) in rows. 

If I added extra material and batting it would look "off" so I knew butting was the way to go.  

I cut 1" strips for the backing side and 2.5" strips for the front. I ironed the 2.5" strips in half (1.25") and stitched them with the front strip, the quilted 6' strip and the backing strip.  

The first strip I agonized over making sure I sewed it perfectly. I did sew it perfectly but I stitched the wrong side of the strip. I had to tear that out. It was a long day with LOTS of mistakes but I soon got the hang. 

The first day I got three strips connected. I first had to trim the edge to be connected.

The I could attach the front 2.5" and back 1" strips and butt the edges of the strip

All of the joining seams came out this perfectly TIL DAY 2. I ironed them

then ironed the now folded 2.5" strip (now 1.25") over the join

and stitched the front strip down. This is the join as seen from the back.

Ironing the strips before stitching

The back of the quilt

  End of the first day. Mission completed - 3 strips joined           

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  1. This method seemed so confusing to me, so I took a class at my LQS this past weekend. It was so easy once I learned how to do it in person instead of reading tutorials on it.


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