03 February 2014

Strip Four Done

Strip four is done and I've left this first circle full width to show you about how close I stippled to the edge of the fabric strip. Remember, these strips need to be joined along the long edge. I have about an inch on each side unquilted. I will use this for straightening with the rotary cutter as well as quilting after I "butt" the seams. A full post of this in the next week (fingers crossed)

They are 12" tall and 6 feet wide. They will have a six inch border (2" + 4") which I will flip and sew. This is a modified QAYG project.

Came out better than I thought.

Little Hands is one of my favorite designs. I can just see all these little kids waving at me with their little hands.

This is a reminder of how much I love my partner, Brian. He has waited on me hand and foot during my recovery, INSISTING, he needs to do whatever I require. He is a one in a million and I thank my Higher Power every day that he came into my life 12 years ago.

This "Text" was inspired by another quilter named Marion who gave me permission to copy her idea and link back to her blog. Her site in written in both German and English so you don't need translator. As you can see from her blog, she did a great deal better than I did.
I may go back and do a "light" fill pattern for those poochy puffs left by not quilting. I'll take photos if I do.
Thank you Marion for your generosity!!

Here it is:

My invention, done on paper first and inspired by some filler from Laura Kemshall

A modification of a patter I use on my BEST ever book covers. It is a spiral with waves.

This is a Leah Day pattern. I had never tried it but I like it very much. Reminded me of "muscle shells" motif I like a lot. We probably have at least one ton of mucles shells on the beach for every man, woman, and child in the state - smile.


  1. Great results! Every thing has a meaning.

  2. Inspiration from all over the world. How wonderful is that. And be happy with your Brian! I love the sparkling colors!


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