14 February 2014

Very cool book

I buy books that are recommended and so many are the same old rehashed techniques with different authors. This book, Surface Treatment Workshop, is something else all together.

I have their old book Image Transfer Workshop from 2009

It had some good image transfer techniques. Their new book is for mixed media  and I have to say, some of the materials are new to me. Just because most of these techniques are for application to flat (paper not fabric) surfaces, some of the products can be used on fabric and the book is filled with inspirational ideas. 
They choose one product and show up to 7 ways to use it. If you ever do mixed media or are just looking for a great book filled with ideas and inspiration, this may be the one!

These are two of the three hanks of wool I dyed using MX dye and vinegar. Although they have a soft heather look, it is not the look I was going after.

You can see by comparing the pictures that the second one is very pale. The first two hanks I had in warm solution for a few hours and the darker "brown" was in over night. Very pale colors. I will mix up some acid dyes which I can use and be done with in literally 15 minutes.

And now "True Confession" time. Since I finished the last strip of the circle quilt, I have used every means of avoiding joining the strips together and I can't figure out why. Now I think I know. On this quilt I am "butting" the strips with no added batting. There is very little room to maneuver. I did a sample to make sure my joining strip measurements were accurate. The reason I had decided to do this was because I had run out of purple and green fabric at the beginning of December. Then I dyed some more. This is what I will do today. I will try ONE join and see how it goes. If it is as difficult as I am imagining I will use wider strips and add batting just like on the QAYG tutorial. SO on Monday, I will have "something" to show you. It will be at least two strips joined but better yet, perhaps all the strips joined. I do have a lot of process pictures so far. I also have to add the 6" border - 2" in the green and 4" in the purple . I also have a GREAT bias tape tutorial coming up after than. It is amazing. So if you ever bind your quilts or art piecs, you won't want to miss that!!


  1. When I use the MX dyes and vinegar, I use an old cooker and get the temp up to just below boiling. Some people steam in the microwave. I also always use a strong dye solution. The heat is important to that process. But now you have me wanting to try acid dyes to see if it's that much easier!

  2. Looks like a very interesting book! And I live your soft, heather-y ccolours.

  3. Looks like a very interesting book! And I live your soft, heather-y ccolours.


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