07 February 2014

Two pieces dyed together

Now this was TWO pieces of fabric wrapped together on the 1" rope. I put two pieces of fabric on one "resist item" but BOTH in different ways. On these two pieces, I wrapped the turquoise piece on first then ended with the green piece. You can see all the intense blue color on the end that was not in that much contact with the rope. 

Washed and ironed

The dye solution was intense blue, boysenberry and deep navy - one tablespoon each.

This fabric was on the "inside" of the green and came out more uniform

Now these two pieces of fabric were wrapped on the washing machine drain hose SIDE BY SIDE. This first one was a LWI piece of bright orange and didn't it come our great. Reminds me of Koi in the water.

  Washed and ironed. This was a fat quarter.

This was a "failed" shibori piece. Figured I'd get my 2 cents out of it and it actually came out fairly well. The dye solution was the same as above, one tablespoon of intense blue, boysenberry and deep navy.

These were the two placed side by side and rolled. Even though it looks dark on the left, the "end" was on the top.

This was all TOO much fun and I hope to do more.


  1. I love the first piece! Looks exactly like you are under water looking up to the sky... which is what I always try for when I do pole-wrap! And I also like the others a lot. Did you take process pix along the way? I always like to see how things look while they are being done, especially with shibori.

  2. I actually love all of these. I especially like the "koi" piece. There was really no process, just wrapping the fabric, adding water to wet, dye, wait, then soda ash and wait. The rope was hard to slide, the washing machine hose was wrapped in plastic wrap just in case the black wanted to rub off on the fabric and that was easier to slide and the plastic chain was also easy to slide. The rope really made for interesting patterning so maybe the struggle to bunch the fabric is worth it.

  3. This looks so interesting. Makes you look at hardware supplies differently. lol How big of an area do you have to dye in... meaning what is your dye set up?

  4. Beth, I'm really not clear on what you mean about two pieces together. Were they wrapped on one piece of rope at the same time, one dye bath? What color was it before wrapping? In the first pictures, it looks like one piece of cloth, not two. Sorry for all the questions. I'm just confused.

  5. It all depends on what I am doing. For this I have a folding table about 30" X 6'. Just a plastic surface. You don't need much room. I keep my dyes in a plastic basin in the refrigerator. (attached photo). I keep a gallon of soda ash solution made up on a shelf in my kitchen so a dye "party" can start within 5 minutes although I take the dyes out hours before to warm to room temp

  6. I laid the rope out and wound one piece of green fabric and as wrapping I added the turquoise piece as though it were a paper towel on a roll.
    On the other fabrics, I laid them (orange and shibori) side by side on the drain hose and wrapped them both at the same time. Does that help?


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