12 February 2014

Strip 6, the last one!

This is the 6th and last strip. Next I will start trimming the strips and using the QAYG method, connect the 6 foot strips into a 6 foot square. Then I will add the border so stay tuned for that!

Angular vermicelli 

Dog foot prints. I love my dogs!

Tree of Life



This is the last circle which I am using as a label

The dyed wool for the log cabin knit lap blanket rolled into balls using my swift.

Also the Bernina is back with a new motor. I haven't plugged it in yet but I am trusting it will be a treat!


  1. The variety of quilting patterns you've used is inspirational! (I seem to be in a rut, using mostly parallel lines...)

  2. Great quilting patterns! Good to see you so busy. Hopefully the Bernina will do his best now.


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