26 February 2014

After the quilt was finished

I decided the wash the quilt since I had, literally, been dragging it around the room, dropping it on the floor and probably the dogs had walked all over it -  not to mention chalk from the sketched quilt patterns. The fabric had obviously been washed since I dyed the fabric myself. I opted NOT to wash and dry the quilt batting since I like the look when the batting shrinks a bit and the fabric poofs out a bit, giving the designs 3 dimension. Here are a few of the blocks that looked great.

These two were in direct sunlight so they look washed out. You can really see those circles pop up.

This is literally in the middle of the quilt. What a nice sentiment to see when you glance at the bed.

This was at the foot of the bed and over the edge. Reminds me of lovely Hosta leaves.

These are really curly and dimensional

This reminds me of an octopus.

Remember I mentioned washing the quilt in cold water with synthropal and adding two color catchers? That purple could really dull down that dynamic olive green. Here are the color catchers after the wash and dry. So glad I remembered to add them to the wash.

And this is my bed on the first night I slept under it.


  1. Love it! Washing definitely added that homey poof to it! I just recently started using color catchers... they do a great job of keeping the vagrant dyes off the item you are laundering. Very nice!

  2. Washing is like magic! luv it!

  3. I really like the poofiness added after washing too. And I have to get me some of those color catchers!!

  4. They are one of the best inventions ever!!


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