07 May 2013

Silk Screening with wax (a la Beata)

Beata had this fabulous post about a class she taught with wax, dye and silk screens. I wanted to join in a week late and in another country (smile). I used a paint brush with an irregular edge to apply the soy wax to the screen in a circle. I waxed out the corners so I would only get a round shape (not square like the screen). I used lemon yellow, golden yellow, turquoise and basic blue.

You can see how I waxed out the corners on the screen

The golden yellow looks rusty in the picture but you can see it the true color later

This is the basic blue layer

When I was done I used a thermofax screen I made of a scribbled circle to fill in the white spots between large circles.

 The finished piece is about 45" X 45"


  1. This looks great Beth, a lovely texture.

  2. Wow, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. I owe it all to Beata for the fabulous idea!!!

  4. I'm probably the last one to say it but it looks really great. I wasn't aware it was "my" idea. At the end the results counts!

  5. Love the colors and the depth this process creates.
    Aren't you planning a workshop for this?
    It's so exciting, I can't wait to try this!

  6. This looks great! I only recently heard of doing this - another on my long list of to dos!

  7. Lovely! I just ordered Susan Purney Mark's DVD "Soy Wax Inspirations", primarily to learn more about using soy wax in screen printing... maybe I can play with it a little before the DVD arrives now that I have seen your post... need to visit Beata's site too! Thanks for the demo!

  8. Such a colourful and effective piece of fabric - wonderful!

  9. FABULOUS!!! I love the results!


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