11 May 2013

Leaving Town...

I am heading west to Baltimore, Ohio for the Dorothy Caldwell workshop. I have been so fortunate in being offered a place to stay at Judith's daughters house during the workshop. I will stay one night in Buffalo, NY in a private home which I found through a web service called airbnb.com. That should be the only paid night I will have. I mentioned going to Toronto to a friend whose mother lives in downtown Toronto and although her mother is visiting her here in Maine, is letting me stay in her apartment in Toronto. What a gift.

I am going to Toronto to #1 visit with Kit Lang who I have gotten to know in blogland and can't wait to meet face to face and #2 to do some urban sketching in the city. I was just planning on staying 2 or 3 days but depending on how much fun I am having, may stay a few more days!!

My posts will continue until I return since I have done a lot of work and have scheduled posts. I will be back at the computer and amongst my art friends the end of May. Until then, enjoy the posts. I'll have SO MUCH to blog about when I return.


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