14 May 2013

A dyeing experiment (or dying to experiment)

I made an amazing piece of fabric by accident (what else!!) and have been chasing that for months. The drizzle print was one of the experiments trying to reproduce the results but although pretty was not what I was looking for.

This started out like the drizzle prints (without the drizzle). I took a piece of fabric (about 45" X 24") and started to use some of the texture creating objects I use when making a deconstructed silk screen as "stamps". They were pathetic and contrived. Then I just started putting down globs and "blotting" them here and there. Then I did my sawing move with the credit card and general smearing. When I was done, I did a general all over with yellow and the credit card.

Stamping with vegetable netting (two kinds) and balled up burlap. Not too impressive.
Ah. I really like the sawing motion with the credit card plus I see a few general smears.

Not really what I was looking for.

Interesting - finished and ironed


  1. Nice fabric have you made, and yes I love the creditcard too !

  2. Sometimes, you just have to play and see what you get. I do a lot of experimenting on muslin 'cause it's cheap, and if I'm not happy with the results, I put it in my sash for some future experiments or projects. I like your credit card marks... will have to try that next time I'm playing!


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