09 May 2013

A first for me

And there aren't many firsts left for me!!! Since I got my little job selling scarves, I have been thinking of new colors (marine/sea inspired) or shibori ideas for the maritime museum. I have NEVER used thickened dye with thermofax screens before so I decided to try some amonites on a white silk scarf. I did this before the circles from the last post. I was afraid the thickened dye would run or wick on the silk - wrong.

I put about 1-2 tablespoons of print paste with soda ash added in a cup with a pinch of MX dye powder on the tip of a plastic knife and mixed. I applied the thickened dye with a credit card on the thermofax.

Clean crisp images

Batched a few hours, washed by hand and dried in the dryer.

Lyric Kinard Thermofaxes


  1. Another wow Beth, lovely work! I tried some potato resist yesterday - got to get the thickened paste onto that sometime soon.....

  2. They didn't buy it (museum shop) but I will do an overall blue dye on it (another experiment) and see if that will fly...

  3. Love the scarf! I'm amazed they didn't buy it, 'cause it's beautiful! Do you have a resource for your thermofax screens? I've never seen a design like that available through the people I have found that sell them...

  4. I buy all my thremofax screens from Lyric Kinard. She also has made every thermofax screen I have sent her (my designs). She is VERY reasonable and sends the thermofaxes priority within a day. If you want her to make multiple screens with your designs, send her an email (directions on her link above) and she will send a PayPal bill with an adjusted postage rate. She is fabulous to work with.

  5. What a beautiful scarf, my favourite fossil. I love the colours.

  6. My favorite color combo! What a wonderful design.

  7. Nice stuff! I just had a flopped session because I used the wrong dye with the wrong fabric and fixer...ugh! But I've ordered the right stuff and plan another print stint asap.


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