28 May 2013

A Double-header filled with excellent information

First I want to share a "new-to-me" website filled with amazing textile art. There is a spot for downloading a free eBook and loads if interesting interviews. It is called Textile Artist and it features the work of many textile artists including many men!

I hope you sign up for their email updates. I plan on reading one interview a day. They are fascinating...

The other big news is a book from the Netherlands with avant-garde textile work and featuring many artists I know.

Here are a few pages I am using with permission

Above is Nienke Smit's work

Above is Sandra Van Velzen's work. I remember reading her blog while she was working on this wonderful tribute to her father

Above is Marjolijn Van Wijk's work

These last two just speak to me. I love people and portraits

I can't begin to tell you the feelings I had looking through this book. It was like adrenalin (the artistic kind). It was beyond an infusion of ideas and made me want to jump out of the chair and CREATE!!!!!

Check out this YouTube of the book and you will see why I HAD to have it.


  1. I already have the book but the website is new to me. Thanks!!

  2. I signed up for the free e-book, but it didn't come. Did you get it after confirming your e-mail? The site looks very inspiring! Will have to spend some time there. BTW, how was your class?

  3. This looks like a book I'll have to check out.

  4. Great book, full of inspiration! Thanks for showing "our" pages. I am so proud.

  5. This suite looks very inspiring, thank you for this post.
    Bev Longford

  6. Thanks for sharing, I agree that it is one of the most inspiring books I ever bought, so many creative people doing what they love to do. It tempts you to start a new project right away...

  7. Her felting book is also gorgeous!


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