28 March 2013

Notan - the final work

Here are the last 3 problems from the book. The 4th problem was similar to the last image (3rd problem) which were white and black columns with convolutions which both locked the elements of value together and at the same time could be seen as distinct values of white on black or black on white.
To the 4th problem was added a third value, grey.

The black and grey had to be locked together as one element and white as a separate element.

The 5th problem was arranging 5 rectangles in 3 values with value touching a rectangle of the same value. It was similar to the first problem of the 5 stones, one very large, one very small and the other three in between. Unfortunately the picture came out blurry (auto focus didn't work) but at least you can see what I did. I didn't realized the photo didn't come out until I had added the clothespin images...

The last problem involved distortion. An ordinary object was to be represented in another value in each block. One was to represent the actual object and the other four as distortions of the actual object. I really liked what I did except I should have had the image in the largest black rectangle (upper right) in grey instead of white. It is too over powering and the stubby image on the upper left should have been in white on the grey rectangle.

This was actually my favorite problem of all I encountered. I also liked the expanded square a lot. I did learn a lot about negative space and design. Fascinating process.


  1. The distortion images are very cool! Wonderful design.
    I'm inspired to give this a try.

  2. This is really reminding me of exercises I did in my H.S. Art class! Which book is this in, Beth? I would like to find some time to try these. I really like the last one a lot!

  3. Love the last image, very effective shapes.


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