19 March 2013

More Human Makes

Beata had another great post about human marks which included the format of exercises for experimenting with marks she uses with her art students. I copied and pasted these exercises into a word document and printed them to keep on my desk. I started making marks again. How exhilarating to flow with that creative direction. These are some of my marks so far. Try this yourself.

 Blue forest 

 Self centered


Three layers of color (rough sketch of an idea for a dye experiment)

View of the crowd


  1. Good exercises! They are versatile and that is important, because they serve to find a possible way in jungle of visual impressions and to play (that's for the soul)!

  2. Yes, I too was glad for these exercise from Beata! Today I worked on some stamps of rounded-edged squares--lots to explore.


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