05 March 2013

Paste Paper video and stuff

I have been trying to upload a video of Judith and our paste paper playdate but to no avail. I am going to post it on YouTube and place a link here. This was a day after the storm that followed the blizzard Nemo. Although the snow wasn't as deep the winds were even higher. Here is a quick video of Storm #2. Judith drove 60 miles here in those high winds. I think we are on the downside of winter and I am looking forward to spring in about 4-5 weeks!

On another note, something else I just had to do when Judith was over doing paste paper was to heavily wet an 18 X 24 piece of heavy sketch paper and see if I could emboss it using the texture plates. This is how it came out.

This is the paper after the embossing. I moved the texture plates around under the paper then used a foam roller to press the paper onto the texture plates. They look great but can never be re-wetted or the embossing would flatten out. Also I found during the snow storm that my digital camera won't focus down on plain white so the paper had to have a mark or shadow for the camera to focus on.

Here I am starting to use a graphite stick to skim graphite on to the "high spots"

This is all graphite

This is colored chalk on top of the graphite

A close-up

And this is the paper after spraying the surface with hair spray to "fix" the chalk and graphite so it won't smear.


  1. I can 't see your video's because they're private. The paper is beautifull!

  2. Me too, I tried to view it but it comes up as private :( I love what you have done with the embossing.


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