26 March 2013

Another purse and the mess

I decided to make another purse. My friend Rosalita wanted to use my purse pattern which I fashioned after a cheap cloth purse from India which I bought at a hippy store. The first thing I told her was NOT to cut out the fabric but rather to cut an inch around the pattern piece because when quilting the fabric sandwich, it would shrink in size. THEN when the slab was quilted, use the pattern to cut out the piece.
Of course the first thing I did was use the pattern to cut out the fabric. This was a gorgeous snow dye.

I was so disgusted, I pushed it off the table where it lay until Rosalita called before coming over to finish her purse. I sliced the fabric down the middle, cut a strip of the snow dye about 2" wide turned it head to tail between the front and back purse pieces and sewed them together to gain a bit on the width which is where I would lose size because of the quilting. At least I salvaged the fabric although I didn't really want a strip in the middle of the purse.

The actual directions are here where I made the 5th incarnation of this purse in purple and green. Below are some process pics:

The binding is on the front panel and the back is just serged in place, strap underneath.

Before attaching the strap

All done

Inside view

And this is the mess after finishing the purse. Was it worth it? Yes. I learned a lot more about what NOT to do in the construction of this purse.


  1. Beautiful purse. Lots of pockets!

  2. Steekplus = Joke. Wrong account ;-)

  3. Oh, love the interior pockets.

    One thing I've learned from living with cats: after the slip up, the fall, the failure, they seamlessly go to errr, yeah--I meant to do that. It doesn't look bad at all--maybe not what you first had in mind, but a nice recovery.

  4. What a Lovely purse! Got the idea to make me one with my snow dyed fabric!

  5. Happy happy accident!!! I think that strip in the middle is SO much more interesting!

  6. I can see me doing the same thing re: cutting the fabric wrong. I'm glad you came up with the strip in the middle... you are very innovative, and that is a great gift! The purse is great... I must try one like that soon. As for your work area, jeez... it looks a lot like mine! Chaos, then I clean, then chaos, clean... but much gets done, so it's a happy place!

  7. I've made the very same mistake more than I want to admit to! Still, I agree that it's a "happy mistake," as it adds interest to the whole. Love the snow dye!

  8. I absolutely love this bag, inc.uding the effect of the strip. The fabric in its full glory!


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