02 April 2013

Drawn to Stitch finished

Remember the image transfer I started back in February? Well, the black sari yarn came and I wasn't so enamored with it - pretty bold stuff. At any rate, I just finished the stitching. I have probably 30-40 hours in this piece. I was determined to finish it so I could go on. I just can't seem to move forward until all unfinished projects are finished. No UFOs here!!

Now, remember that the image transfer is placed face down on the fabric so it is the flipped image you are seeing.

Here they are with the stitched pieced and the FLIPPED image

and some detailed shots.

The back

I am going to mat and frame this puppy!. I am very happy with it. That's one thing about hand stitched work; it goes so slowly it's hard to make a mistake. I had to actually think about each color and each stitch. I never referred to the photograph only responded to the marks left on the cloth by the image transfer which was very faint.

Black or White??


  1. Can't choose, it's a beauty in white and in black.

  2. Nice, Beth! I like the riot on the backside too. I usually go for black, but it seems like there is enough black going on in the piece--so this time--white!

  3. Wonderful, Beth!
    i love black...

  4. (Cuz it really makes the colours pop!)

  5. Lovely colours in this great piece, I like the white mount.

  6. Great piece! I'd go for black.


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