12 March 2013

Snow dyeing against my will

This was a draft I found in the queue that I thought I had scheduled. I had written it before I showed my finished snow dyes. This was the process...I am also cutting down from 3 posts a week to 2. I am painting again and "doing my own thing" plus gearing up for another year of surface design classes.

I had bottles and bottles of mixed dyes left over from a snow dyeing workshop about a month ago. I was so afraid at the time of running out of dye during the workshop but obviously that didn't happen. I need more fabric like I need more debt! But what can you do. I either "use it or lose" it and dye is expensive especially my ProChem Deep Black which is no longer being made (sigh).

Then we get this colossal blizzard dumping snow in 6 foot drifts right outside my kitchen door. It just had to be done and that's that. I started with 10 pieces then after processing them, 7 more pieces of fabric and a rayon jacket.

 First batch

Second batch


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