21 March 2013

Potpourri (again)

A few years ago Rosalita and I made some printed cards using a piece of cardboard and tape as a printing plate. I think I blogged about it but I'm too tired to look for it. Here are 4 prints I made that day.

I really enjoyed doing it and after Judith and I made prints the other day, I thought what a great idea for this years Solstice card. This is the "plate" I made with Judith this past Saturday.

Massive boo-boo! I "thought" this was cardboard but it was micro corrugated so there was not enough pressure to create a print. I liked the "plate" so much, I put it on a shelf (smile). I WILL revisit this technique in time for Solstice though.

While looking for a specific fabric experiment for Rosalita, I came across these transperse dyes. You literally paint the liquid dye onto paper then press the paper face down on 100% polyester fabric which releases the Transperse dye as a gas onto the fabric. In other words. These were painted then transferred to fabric.

You probably remember this one. I took one of the prints, hand quilted it intensely and donated it to the SAQA auction this past year.


  1. I love the idea of using cardboard and tape for a print plate, and yours are fabulous. The texture the tape creates is fabulous. I will definitely have to give this a try.

  2. Beautiful prints. Great texture.


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