05 September 2012

Where the heck have I been?

It's been a busy summer with the workshops at MidCoast Surface Design Workshops, the Maine Event, company from all over, my Fall sewing workshops at Sewing By The Sea in Trenton, Sew Portland, and Quilt Divas in Rockland PLUS I am teaching a silk scarf batik workshop at Fiber College for a colleague who has been ill.

I also have to admit I was bitten by the sketching and watercolor bugs - badly. As a matter of fact I was out today in the pouring rain (in my car) sketching.

Now it's time to get back into the swing of things. I will be doing a dyeing workshop in late Fall early Winter. But in the here and now I am working on the Shibori commission, Coastal 2. I got the go ahead from the purchaser on this last round of dyed pieces, they are cut to size and I will be putting the piece together and shipping it out with the next two weeks.

This is the original

                                  This was my first attempt at a copy (too light)

This is the latest selection of shibori dyed pieces. They have to be done all at once and that makes for a long drawn out process of wrapping, tying and dyeing.

This is almost identical to the original. I have cut the pieces to size and will start the piecing today. Then on to the framing...


  1. That's amazing close to the original, for a handdyed piece!! I like the paler version too!

  2. I agree whit Nienke it's amazing close to the original!


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