10 September 2012

The final process

I careful picked up each square after finally getting them in the best gradated order. It seemed like that would be easy but it wasn't. It's not just the color but the degree of white on each square and its placement against other squares. I finally got them right and took the photos on the floor. Next I placed them on top of the Styrofoam with the too light version of coastal still on it. Next I trimmed each square being VERY careful to have the lines on the square absolutely level. Remember the big boo boo on the light piece with the crooked blocks in the center?

                                    See the crooked blocks in the center?
Instead of trimming them in pairs I cut each one separately. On this last one the lines are as straight as a horizon line.
                                   This was the refuse from the trimming

These are blocks that didn't make the cut - so dark there was no gradation - no shift in value. Also I am showing the nylon rope (thin) I use to tie my shibori. I use it over and over. You use a lot of rope.
                     Each block is perfectly trimmed to 12.5" square

                     Stay tuned for the finished piece - sew and framed.


  1. You fixed it! It looks great now. I know it's not easy.

  2. It looks so simple, now we know bettter, a piece of art is not a lucky shot, it's hard work! Well done!


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